Yorkshire Shooting Academy Membership and Coverage.

Membership is open to all UK shotgun and firearm holders, as well as sub 12ft lb air rifle owners (under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult member).


If you have your own rifle, then great. If not you can still shoot, subject to being of sound mind and over 17 years of age.

Please contact us for more information regarding younger people, other exemptions and relevant legislation.Yorkshire Shooting Academy Logo


All applicants must have sporting public liability insurance with a limit of £10,000,000 indemnity. We can provide advice on membership of any of the respected sporting, shooting and fishing groups who include public liability insurance cover with their membership packages.


Once approved by a  member of staff, your YSA membership runs for 12 months from the 1st of April each year.

Membership applications are accepted throughout the year.


We welcome complete novices. Our training includes a short safety briefing along with some instruction.

We really love teaching people who haven’t shot before, as they haven’t acquired any bad habits!


Field experience is not essential. We offer tuition that is designed to assist our members in gaining a level of field craft skills, sessions can also be arranged for the inexperienced shot who is new to any form of country sports and hunting activities.


Having reached the required level of proficiency in both safety and marksmanship and also completing the probationary period of between 6 -10 visits, sporting days and field events on various quarry and game are offered to fully paid members.


Yorkshire Shooting Academy membership entitles you to the following benefits:

  • A valid reason for  a shotgun and/or firearm.
    New FAC/ SGC approval is permitted after a probationary period which must be completed with an experienced keeper, instructor or coach.
  • To qualify for a deer stalking calibre, a minimum of 4 outings must be approved with any of our DSC/NRA Instructors.
  • Identity cards (with photo) replaced each year.
  • Regular access to our private (25 – 300 yards) range, clay shooting, camping and BBQ weekends.
  • Discount sporting insurance, with £10,000,000 liability and medical cover (should you need it).
  • Shooting as often as you wish (day or night). Keep or sell all you shoot.
  • Routine access to ALL our quarry areas (subject to availability) in: North and West Yorkshire, Lancashire.
  • Annual loyalty rewards.

Membership fees

Firearms Safety & Maintenance course : £89 , Guided days £49 + event.


Membership Type Annual Fee
Incl half price fed & managed areas / seasonal
Deer stalking only annual fee £795*
Full membership fee
Fac / sgc
Access all areas permitted, incl seasonal events

All subject to £35* admin fee on initially joining.


Membership renewals to be paid MIN 14 days prior to expiry, to qualify for Loyalty rewards / Assured membership.
Loyalty rewards ( Free seasonal events one per year (max 4 events ) stalking / seasonal birds etc .

Firearms Safety & Maintenance course @: £89.00 / enquire

For membership enquiries please contact us.